Sunday, March 19, 2006

That warm and fuzzy feeling

Let me introduce Gizmo, my little lion dog.  He's the cutest little thing, and that's good for his benefit, or I would have made him into Bosintang by now. Gizmo has learned how to get onto the bed without my help.  He jumps into the chair next to my bed, climbs on the armrest, and then jumps to the bed.  I would move the chair, but its my tv watching chair, and my apartment isn't exactly spacious.  Anyways, for the past few weeks I've been battling this warm and fuzzy feeling on my face.  Maybe its my breath, but he likes to sleep next to, or even on, my face.  I must have bad breath, because it always seems to be his butt that has been planted on my cheek.  He's a dog, so he passes gas and doesn't think twice, or even once, about it.  On several occasions I've been woken up to soft fur on my face and the smell of bacteria bi-product.  So the next time someone mentions that warm and fuzzy feeling, think about being eye to eye with Gizmo's brown eye.
P.S. Sorry about the boot in the picture.


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