Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Samsung Maxima

I promised a Hyundai Accord, but this one is just too much. Here is a nice shot of a Samsung Maxima, or Samsung G35. Honestly the car's build quality doesn't keep the standard of either name. They rattle, the transmission is as slushy as a slush box can get, they have very little power (considering we're running 100 Oct here), and they have very quirky interiors. The dash console will hit your knee no matter how you position the seat. As for the seat heaters... I use the passenger side to cook breakfast on the way to work. They do have this wonderful feature called the VAPS - Vehicle Air Purification System. Its a small computer fan mounted in the back deck. It pulls air through a standard paper filter (not even close to HEPA), and into the passenger compartment. As soon as you start the car, it will fill up with the fresh scent of whatever is in your trunk. Its a great warning system if you leave the garbage in the back of your car. Since I have a rental car, the trunk was already a little funky, so I stuck an air freshener on top of the fan to cover up the smell.


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