Thursday, March 30, 2006


... at 160kph.  This is the view on my way to work.  I just thought that I should share it.


... at 160kph.  This is the view on my way to work.  I just thought that I should share it.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Samsung Maxima

I promised a Hyundai Accord, but this one is just too much. Here is a nice shot of a Samsung Maxima, or Samsung G35. Honestly the car's build quality doesn't keep the standard of either name. They rattle, the transmission is as slushy as a slush box can get, they have very little power (considering we're running 100 Oct here), and they have very quirky interiors. The dash console will hit your knee no matter how you position the seat. As for the seat heaters... I use the passenger side to cook breakfast on the way to work. They do have this wonderful feature called the VAPS - Vehicle Air Purification System. Its a small computer fan mounted in the back deck. It pulls air through a standard paper filter (not even close to HEPA), and into the passenger compartment. As soon as you start the car, it will fill up with the fresh scent of whatever is in your trunk. Its a great warning system if you leave the garbage in the back of your car. Since I have a rental car, the trunk was already a little funky, so I stuck an air freshener on top of the fan to cover up the smell.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

That warm and fuzzy feeling

Let me introduce Gizmo, my little lion dog.  He's the cutest little thing, and that's good for his benefit, or I would have made him into Bosintang by now. Gizmo has learned how to get onto the bed without my help.  He jumps into the chair next to my bed, climbs on the armrest, and then jumps to the bed.  I would move the chair, but its my tv watching chair, and my apartment isn't exactly spacious.  Anyways, for the past few weeks I've been battling this warm and fuzzy feeling on my face.  Maybe its my breath, but he likes to sleep next to, or even on, my face.  I must have bad breath, because it always seems to be his butt that has been planted on my cheek.  He's a dog, so he passes gas and doesn't think twice, or even once, about it.  On several occasions I've been woken up to soft fur on my face and the smell of bacteria bi-product.  So the next time someone mentions that warm and fuzzy feeling, think about being eye to eye with Gizmo's brown eye.
P.S. Sorry about the boot in the picture.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Mohamma Bomma

Kinda catchy, don't you think? The latest uproar in the anti-christian/american/freedom world is the publishing of a drawing of mohammad. The bomb on his head isn't even the source of the outrage. Its just the simple fact that a drawing was made of him, and that's against the muslim rule book.

In order to stick with the "blasphemous" nature of the non-muslim public, I've decided to republish the original photo from the Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten. It's a beautiful piece capturing the essence of mohammad, the story teller. I give you Mohamma Bomma.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I Climbed 3.7 kilometers...

...And all I got was this lousy picture.

Update on the adventures. Vincent, Bob, and I went to Jeju Island for Chuseok. Chuseok is a Korean holiday giving thanks to their ancestors for a bountiful harvest. Thanksgiving? Jeju is just south of Korea. It is to Korea what Sentosa is to Singapore... of course the island is as big as Singapore. This was taken from the top of Mt. Halla. We braved rain, wind, and fog on the 3.7km hike to the top. I really wanted some pictures, but as you can see from this one, we had to bring our snorkels to swim through the fog.

Monday, September 12, 2005

More than meets the eye!

Koreans have "invented" many well known items such as the MP3 player, parfaits, and yes, even our nemesis, Optimus Prime. The Germans, French, and Americans stole these ideas from the poor unsuspecting Koreans before they could capitalize on their inventions. With ingenuity like this, its puzzles me why Korea isn't leading the free world as we speak. Next week, I'll be posting up pictures of the newly redesigned for 2006 Hyundai Accord and Kia Contour.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Chinese vs. Saudi Barbecue

This is on the balcony of my hotel in Da Peng, China. Couldn't really find a barbecue grill, but this hot plate sure could cook up a mean plate of pork 'n beans.

This is from Haql, in Saudi Arabia. We had a grill, but no charcoal. If it weren't for the sand on the steak, it wasn't half bad.